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"The design connects humans, places, and the environment by creating the spatial experience that brings a sense of belonging and uniqueness to people in the diverse society in the world."

Qyuan, Inc.

Spatial Experience Design

Our Designs

boutique hotel title.jpg

The boutique hotel's design is focused on the experience of the gentlemen's lifestyle, which is adventurous and explorative, elegant and exquisite, calm and warm. Associated with the spirit of innovation and the product design,  bringing the guests into the coexist of contemporary and classic gentlemen’s world.


“Contrasting the lives and values of the people who live in different regions in Tibet since the impact of modernization, also pointing out the  commons; the goal is that inspiring the people to rethink about the essence of their lives inTibet.”


“Flying Bird” inspires the design of the fine dining restaurant. The design would greet the guests with experiencing the three unique characteristics of Cantonese cuisine, which are Colorful. Steady of Water, and Natural Fresh. 

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